Akagami no Shiraiyuki Hime 2nd Season~ First Impression/Recap


Akagami no Shirayuki Hime has finally returned with it’s second season. I have to say that I’ve really missed this anime because I’ve been away from it since the Summer Season of anime. This first episode was executed beautifully, it gives the audience a refreshing look at all the characters that e know and love from the previous season of this show. At the beginning of the episode, Mihaya, a noblemen who kidnapped Shiraiyuki  in the first season appears in the first few moments of the episode. The fact that he shows up foreshadows that conflicts will come up in Shirayuki and Zen’s romantic journey of the series.



After hearing the opening song, I must say that I really did admire how fitting the new opening theme song was to Akagami’s second season. Overall the song was very mellow and I felt like it was a great transition into the beginnings of the first episode. In addition, I found the scenery shown in the opening to be very vibrant in color and drawn beautifully. As the opening song comes to an end, we see Shiraiyuki hard at work cleaning and tidying up the medical wing. Later we find out that Zen is also working hard, reading and signing documents. The reason as to why he was working hard has to be one of the most adorable parts to this episodes. 


“When he snuck over to see Shirayuki earlier apparently he saw how busy she was and thought, “I can’t lose.”’ – Kiki 

This had to be one of the adorable moments of Shirayuki because it shows us that Zen respects Shirayuki and that she motivates him to work just as hard as she does. That brings us into the comedy segment of the episode which had me giggling when I first heard it. Mitsuhide encourages Zen to go see Shirayuki thinking that this is the perfect time for a break. Zen gets a paper cut and he is told that if he doesn’t see anyone in the medical wing, the paper fibers will get into his body and he’ll turn into a paper person. This was comedic because of how straight faced Zen was when he was told this by Mitsuhide. Not only was it funny here, but when the Chef of the medical wing brought it up, it also sparked some laughs.

Another adorable Zen and Shirayuki moment that comes up in this episode had to be when Shirayuki’s hand was held by Zen who was half asleep. I have to say the relationship between these two is most definitely ‘relationship goals.’ I really admired the chemistry between Zen and Shirayuki throughout this series. This episode did not fail to bring adorable moments with the relationships in this series

Holding hands

Ryu and Obi also had some adorable and sweet moments between each other. I got this brotherly vibe from the way Obi treated Ryu in this episode. I found it really cute how Obi wanted to teach Ryu how to climb a tree, but ended up helping him out. I also found it adorable how our little Ryu seems to be supportive of the Shirayuki and Obi ship because he gave him flower seeds that Shirayuki is collecting.

Looking forward to episode 2 of Akagami, anticipating the fight scene between Obi and Zen.
Rating: 8.5



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