About Me

Hello everyone. Meet Kawaiicupcwake a new anime blogger. She needs extensive love and nourishment so please treat her well.

In Japanese pop culture, kawaii means cute. Cupcwake was a kawaii was to pronounce cupcake. Aside from being an anime lover, Kawaii enjoys reading, writing and playing around on photoshop. Being a writer, she hopes to post reviews and her opinions about the anime she has seen. Due to her love for writing and her speech impairment in real life, she thought it would be a great idea to create a blog. Sharing her opinions about anime has been something she’s really been wanting to do, but she has never had the courage to do so. It was thanks to people who have convinced her to create and start posting anime blogs. 

Special thanks to Jo Jo Types Too Much/ JoJo Talks Too Much, Curious Cloudy, Cuchallain and Chibi Reviews for being my inspiration and starting up this blog