Musaigen no Phantom World ~ 1st Impression

76723Musaigen no Phantom World had a very interesting introduction of the concept it was aiming for in this series. It’s an action, fantasy and supernatural anime series. Originally I didn’t have high expectations for the series, but after hearing Chibi Review’s first impression of the series, I decided to check it out. When I viewed the first episode,  I really really enjoyed the animation of this anime because of the vibrant color pallet that the creators of this anime choose. Not only did I really enjoy the colors that were chosen for this series, but I also really liked the animation to the fight scenes in this episode. The action sequences in this anime was a joy to watch because it was very colorful and well animated in my opinion. 

The character designs were fairly average in this  anime however, the character that really stood out to me was Ruri, the fairy character in this anime. She was a very bubbly and cute character that brought comedic elements into the show which was very enjoyable in my opinion.


Though the show has comedic elements, I don’t think this show is for everyone. There are fan-service scenes in this anime. I’m not the best person to go to when it comes to fan-service being too distracting for the audience.  I think the series has done an alright job at adding in fan service moments to provide comic relief for the audience. 


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